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App-enhanced Dual Alarm Stereo Clock Radio for your iPhone/iPod/iPad with FM Presets

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The iD91 is a dual alarm clock radio for iPhone, iPod, iPad that lets you charge your iPhone or iPod and lets you wake and sleep to either one, to a custom playlist, or to FM radio. A time sync button syncs the clock to your iPhone (which is always current via cell phone towers) to set the time quickly. The iD91 allows you to set two separate alarms with different times on different days with our 7-5-2 feature. The iD91 also includes 6 FM presets, EQ controls and 3D sound and Reson8® sound technology for an exceptional audio experience.



Wake and Sleep
• Wake or sleep to iPhone, iPod, custom playlist, iHome+Sleep app or FM radio

Start or end your day just the way you want it to sound

• Universal dock to charge and play iPad, iPhone or iPod while docked
Enjoy your music while keeping your iPad, iPhone or iPod fully charged

App Features
• iOS App-enhanced device - Works with iHome+Sleep
See the iHome+Sleep Information Page to learn more about the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks
• iOS App-enhanced device - Works with iHome+Radio
See the iHome+Radio Information Page to learn more about the internet radio app for sleeping and waking

• Programmable snooze time
Lets you sleep in a little or a lot with snooze time between 1 and 29 minutes
• Gradual Wake and Gradual Sleep
Gently increasing/decreasing alarm and sleep volumes ease waking and going to bed
• Dual Alarm with Weekday/weekend alarm settings
2 independent alarms let you wake to any combination of iPhone, iPod, iPad, FM radio, iHome+Sleep app or buzzer with 7-5-2 alarm settings for full week, work week or weekend with separate wake times/ alarm sources to suit your lifestyle

Time Sync
• Sync button
Syncs clock time to always-current iPhone time settings in seconds

Sound Enhancement
• Adjustable EQ - Bass, treble, 3D and balancen
Bass, treble, 3D and balance controls let you customize your sound
• Reson8® speaker chambers
Specially designed sealed speaker enclosures deliver astounding clarity, depth and power

• Universal 100-240V AC adaptor
Switching power supply works just about anywhere in the world to power your unit

• Aux-in jack
Listen to aux audio sources (e.g., computer, CD player)
• Daylight Saving Time switch
quick daylight saving time/standard time adjustment
• Preset clock

• Remote Control Included

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 10.44" W x 3.07" H x 5.40" D

Weight: 2.20 lbs

Device Compatibility:



Product Manuals

There are no product manuals available for the iD91.
View theiD91 support page for registration, FAQs, and more.