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Protective Smart Back

For iPad® 2 with Smart Cover


This lightweight hard shell is the perfect solution for preventing wear and tear on the back of your iPad 2. Made from polycarbonate—the primary material in bullet-resistant glass—the Protective Smart Back is designed to work with or without a Smart Cover to provide complete protection against scratches on the iPad 2's aluminum back. It snaps on securely and cut-outs accommodate the Smart Cover hinges. The Protective Smart Back offers unrestricted access to all ports, cameras, and buttons so you can charge your iPad 2 and even take photos without removing it. It's the ultimate accessory for anyone who wants complete iPad 2 protection in a super-light slim-line design.

• Lightweight hard shell provides maximum protection from scratches on back of iPad 2

• Snaps on securely to work with Smart Cover

• Full access to all ports and buttons

• Microsuede lining helps keep screen clean

• W 7.5" x H 9.6" x D .4"

• W 19cm x H 24.4cm x D 1cm

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